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Jio will launch its DTH and Fiber services on 05 September, 2019. For more info visit HERE.

Jio, a brand which revolutionized the telecom market is now all set to enter in DTH and Broadband sector. Jio is known for its cheap 4G plans and has made every Indian to enjoy 4G speed at an affordable price. We have a plenty of post regarding full details of Jio Fiber, Jio DTH and many other Jio products and services. You can navigate to this page for latest Jio Updates – Jio Updates.

According to a market study by BoA-Merrill Lynch, which states that Jio GigaFiber will launch a lot of Bundled offers but may not be as affordable as Jio 4G plans. Yes, you heard it right Jio Fiber plans may not be as cheap as Jio Plans but Reliance will offer a lot of other combo services along with Jio Fiber. Jio is all set to launch its few services including Jio Fiber, Jio GigaTV, Landline and many others. Reliance organizes Annual General Meeting every year to interact with its investors and stack holders. This year it is scheduled on 12 August, 2019. Reports says all these services may be announced during AGM 2019 and Plans and other information may be revealed.

Jio have already annouced that it might launch Jio Fiber with the combo of Jio GigaTV and Landline which maybe cost at Rs.600. Jio GigaTV is one of the key products to take eye during this AGM summit. GigaTV will be based on FTTH service and will be cheaper as compared to other telecom companies. Jio Fiber has already been tested in major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and other 1100 cities. Jio Fiber may be bundled with speed upto 1Gbps. Jio will have plans divided according to Speed. It may provide 100 Mbps plans, 500 Mbps plas and 1 Gbps Plans. According to reports, Jio may come up with 3 months Welcome Offer which will have 100 Gb with 100 Mbps speed per month for 3 months.

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  1. It is cheap compared to other service operator if you choose 6month or 12 month pack for first 6 months
    400gb data –> 6 months
    Price –> Rs 1002/month(with gst)
    6 month price –> Rs 6012
    1 month free –> 6012-849= Rs 5163
    ie. 861/month
    if you pay 180/month for tv and have sd quality tv (0.7gb/hr) watch tv 2hr/day –> 1.4gb/day –> 42gb/month
    extra saving rs 1080
    for hd tv data consumption is 3gb/hr –> 6gb/2hr –> 180gb/month
    it’s actually good only for next 6 months, 200 gb is pretty less data if they are giving it along set-top box


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