Jio Super App

Jio has already revolutionarize the telecom industry by providing cheapest data rates and free calling to over 300 Million people in India. Jio is trying to over take other industries too. Last year, they launched their Fiber services. This year they will be launching their DTH and Landline services. 

Jio Super App is the game changer for Reliance Jio. It will be a huge hit in the market because it will provide 100+ services to its customers. These services will include Shopping, Movie Tickets, Recharges And Bills, IOT, and many others.

Jio might be working on creating a online to offline commerce service. This will be the revolution in e-commerce industry as it will provide our shopping experience much easier and better. It will be affecting other e-commerce service providers like Flipkart and Amazon. This Jio Super App will act as an bridge between all your Jio devices. You can controll all your devices using this single app. From JioFi to Jio GigaTV you will be able to control just from you fingers.

Jio’s aim is to provide every Indian a better and cheaper Internet experience. That is the reason they are launching so many devices this year. Jio Super App will help in centralizing all your devices and services. Since it have 100+ services, this help in doing any internet activity just by using a single app. From Shopping to booking a travel ticket it will help you through out your journey. 

Well, Flipkart and Amazon rules on over 90% of market share in e-commerce industry. It will be much harder to overtake these brands. These brands had already made so much of trust in customers. Since Flipkart and Amazon are already providing their products and services at a cheaper price so it will be hard for Jio to compete against these giants. 

Jio might come with few unique services to overtake these brands like online-offline shopping experience which will make customers more comfortable. Not just e-commerce services but Jio Super App will come with Payments and other services too that will help Jio in getting more customer trust. 


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